Algalon 25 down

É isso mesmo, a guilda Ensidia como sempre saindo na frente conseguiu derrubar Algalon na sua versão 25 man. Como dito em um post anterior, Algalon é o verdadeiro último boss de Ulduar que é acessado depois de passar por alguns hard modes.

So Algalon finally surrendered to us and it was a great feeling to finally take him down. It is not an easy fight, it’s highly gear dependent and is a significant difficulty increase over the 10 man version. Weirdly enough the kill really wasn’t a great try! We had been having no trouble at all keeping tanks alive, wiping mainly to enrage and random deaths. One chaotic try later though we managed to bring him down. I’ll be writing a blog with a run down of exactly how Algalon went for us over the weeks.
Last week was really nail biting with 5 tries under 10% including a wipe at 4% (he gives up at about 3%). We decided to just get into the instance asap and just kill him today to finish the job.
It has been a very long set of progress and we just want to give a huge pat on the back to our entire guild who has worked hard to achieve what we have. Good job guys and gals!

Abaixo está a screenshot com os drops.




2 Responses to Algalon 25 down

  1. Andres disse:

    Ya lo dije, cuando sea grande, mura quiere ser como ellos xD
    Saludos rafa 😉


  2. rafaelsbraga disse:

    Aguante mura, nos aun vamos ser como ellos =P

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